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We were asked by the Ritz Carlton® To  Develop A Fast Deployable Non-Permanent Delivery Staging Enclosure Design For Sanitizing Incoming Deliveries. It’s Available To Ship Or Install Now Starting At $1000

Request A Temp Sanitation Enclosure

Developed at the request of the Ritz Carlton®. Our Non-Permant Enclosure makes it easy to sanitize while keeping packages secure and out of sight. 


Installed In Just A Few Hours


Available In Multiple Sizes


Professional Appearance & Improved Sanitation

Starting at $1000. Ready To Ship. Place Your Order

Accepting packages used to be an easy thing. The delivery person walked them in the door and someone signed for them. With the emergence of Covid-19 everything has changed. Business are now try to figure out new processes for accepting packages without endangering staff with unnecessary exposures. It’s why we created our new package staging enclosure. 

Made of 6ft vinyl privacy fence, it’s sturdy, isn’t an eye soar, and can withstand common sanitizing chemical used commercial to clean packages.

Once the need to sanitize incoming packages has passed you enclosure can be used as attractive temporary privacy fencing in another area of your business without damage to your facility.

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Call us today at 941-241-2228

Services We Provide

  • White Vinyl Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
    Gate Operators


  • Wood Fences
  • Dog Fences
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Picket Fences

Call Us Today at 941-241-2228
Prompt, Professional Service, Guaranteed.

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